Informing and Setting a Course for the Corporate, in the Country of the Head Office if requested

Consultancy for Foreign Investors about Turkish Legal System, Turkish Commercial Code, Labor Law and Investment Areas

  • Informing and Consultancy about Market Research, Feasibility and Legistlation according to the Target Industry and Activity Area
  • Analysis and Consultancy on Maintaining Foreign Investor’s Risk-Return Trade-Off
  • Consultancy on Preliminary Examination of Investment’s Legal Framework and Establishment and Detection of Local Centers
  • Organising Meetings with Commitees of Turkish Chamber of Commerce (this service is given under certain conditions for one firm)
  • Organising Meetings with Commitees of Turkish Chamber of Industry (this service is given under certain conditions for one firm)
  • Informing the Foreign Investor about Legistlations on Turkish Tax and Commerce System, Customs, Admissions and Licences and Project Management

Taxational Opportunities for Foreign Investors Investing in Turkey

  • Consultancy on Free Trade Zones
  • Consultancy on Customs Law Legistlations, Financial Support with Importing and Exporting and Effective Practices

Consultancy for Foreign Investors on Advantages of Investing in Turkey

  • About the Incentives: Consultancy for Foreign Investors about Differing Advantages according to the Investment Area
  • About the Financial Support: Consultancy on Financial Support according to the Criterias as regards Type of Investment, Area of Practice, Extent of Employment

Non-Refundable Financial Support: Consultancy on Non-Refundable Support Programs depending on the Investment and the Practice Areas

  • Research on Turkish Customer Market in line with the Practice Area
  • Specific Research on a Subject Matter Good in a Trade within the Boundaries of Turkey
  • Preparing Detailed Reports on Prduction in Turkey or Importing to Turkey of a Subject Matter Good of a Trade or  a Production

Attorneyship and Representation Services   

  • Management of Attorneyship Required Procecesses and Attorneyship Services
  • Agency for Foreign Investors on Pre-Interviewing with the Customers Convenient to Target Profile and Detecting Conveniency for Commercial Criteria
  • Bilateral Interview with Convenient Customers and Organising Business Trips to Turkey
  • Preparation of the Relevant Pre-Contracts in line with Turkish and Foreign Legistlations and Providing Validity of the Contract
  • International Arbitration and Dispute Resolution.
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