The Documentation Process of Incorporation  

Structuring of Incorporation

  • Corporate Design and Physical Structuring regarding Efficiency
  • Structuring Future Expandable Corporate
  • Establishing an Institution Benefitting from Financial Loans and Incentives in an Optimum Level
  • Establishing an Institution Protected in line With the Labor Law
  • Structuring according to International Accounting Standards and Audit Approach
  • Accounting Proceeding and Transfers on Importing, Exporting and Costs

Contact Office (Non-billing, Employment Provider Businesses)Authorisation and Documental Proceedings

Active Offices (Billing and Employment Provider Businesses) Authorisation and Documental Proceedings

Manufacturing Plants Authorisation on Establishment and Documental Proceedings

Businesses and Manufacturing Plants towards Import and Export Establishment and Documental Proceedings

Construction and Contracting Company

Corporate Mergers, Acquisitions and Takeovers

Movable and Immovable Properties

Residence and Work Permit

Starting a New Company

Legal Proceedings

Taxational Structuring

Employment Proceedings

Capital Transfer Proceedings

Informing about Incentives in Investment

Research for Scope and Resources

Agency and Consultancy on Physical Establishment of a Business

Online Office Providing

Physical Office Providing

Researching for Manufacturing Plant, Structuring Energy Resources

Termination Proceedings, Archiving Contracts, Storing Online, Apllying to Relevant Authorities

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