Informing and Setting a Course for the Corporate, in the Country of the Head Office if requested Consultancy for Foreign Investors about Turkish Legal System, Turkish Commercial Code, Labor Law and Investment Areas and investing in Türkiye.

  • Informing and Consultancy about Market Research, Feasibility and Legistlation according to the Target Industry and Activity Area
  • Analysis and Consultancy on Maintaining Foreign Investor’s Risk-Return Trade-Off
  • Consultancy on Preliminary Examination of Investment’s Legal Framework and Establishment and Detection of Local Centers
  • Organising Meetings with Commitees of Turkish Chamber of Commerce (this service is given under certain conditions for one firm)
  • Organising Meetings with Commitees of Turkish Chamber of Industry (this service is given under certain conditions for one firm)
  • Informing the Foreign Investor about Legistlations on Turkish Tax and Commerce System, Customs, Admissions and Licences and Project Management

Investing in Türkiye

Taxational Opportunities for Foreign Investors Investing in Turkey

  • Consultancy on Free Trade Zones
  • Consultancy on Customs Law Legistlations, Financial Support with Importing and Exporting and Effective Practices

Consultancy for Foreign Investors on Advantages of Investing in Turkey

  • About the Incentives: Consultancy for Foreign Investors about Differing Advantages according to the Investment Area
  • About the Financial Support: Consultancy on Financial Support according to the Criterias as regards Type of Investment, Area of Practice, Extent of Employment

Non-Refundable Financial Support: Consultancy on Non-Refundable Support Programs depending on the Investment and the Practice Areas

  • Research on Turkish Customer Market in line with the Practice Area
  • Specific Research on a Subject Matter Good in a Trade within the Boundaries of Turkey
  • Preparing Detailed Reports on Prduction in Turkey or Importing to Turkey of a Subject Matter Good of a Trade or  a Production

Attorneyship and Representation Services   

  • Management of Attorneyship Required Procecesses and Attorneyship Services
  • Agency for Foreign Investors on Pre-Interviewing with the Customers Convenient to Target Profile and Detecting Conveniency for Commercial Criteria
  • Bilateral Interview with Convenient Customers and Organising Business Trips to Turkey
  • Preparation of the Relevant Pre-Contracts in line with Turkish and Foreign Legistlations and Providing Validity of the Contract
  • International Arbitration and Dispute Resolution.
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